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Bob Hotchkiss Named August Jaz Janie

DS News / 8.3.21

Every month, Dixon Schwabl honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award, created to commemorate Dixon Schwabl Public Relations Vice President Jane ​“Janie” Argenta, who passed away in September 2009. Jane was a fun-loving, compassionate and hardworking professional who touched the lives of many.

Our August Jaz Janie recipient is Audio Engineer & Associate Producer Bob Hotchkiss.

It’s impressive, the number of roles Bob Hotchkiss plays in a given day: audio engineer, producer, key grip, gaffer, travel agent, Lauren’s personal IT support for home office repairs, printer setups, cell phone maintenance … the list goes on! All of that said, the most impressive thing is that Bob always thinks of others—his approach to work is people first—always staying one step ahead, guiding decisions on how they will make people feel. This is something we admire in Bob and it certainly reminds us of Jane.

Bob, thank you for all that you do. Our agency and all of us as individuals are better because of you.