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Ann McAllister
Nadine General
Julianna Monacelli
02 . 24 . 20

Talking Mentors on "Mentoring Monday"

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Today is Mentoring Monday,” as marked by all 40 Biz Journal markets across the country. Thousands of women who understand the value of networking and who hope to make connections to advance their careers will come together today. We love this idea, so we asked three mentors at Dixon Schwabl: What should a mentee look for in a mentor?” Here’s what they said. 

Paul gangarossa hs
02 . 12 . 20

Paul Gangarossa Named February Jaz Janie

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Every month, Dixon Schwabl honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award. This month, Paul Gangarossa is recognized.

Marquis burton hs
Erin haskell hs
01 . 27 . 20

Welcoming Two Marketing Pros in Buffalo

Agency News

Two new team members, Marquis Burton, front-end web developer, and Erin Haskell, senior media manager, work in Dixon Schwabl’s Buffalo office located in the Electric Tower.

Nadine General
01 . 23 . 20

Two Publicists Named to PRSA Rochester Board of Directors

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Vice President for Agency Nonprofit Services Nadine General and Public Relations Manager Sarah Warren have been accepted by the 2020 PRSA nominating committee. 

01 . 22 . 20

Dixon Schwabl Partners with Local Agencies for ROC2025 Collaboration

Agency News

ROC2025 has recently named Dixon Schwabl, Meshin Movement and Optic Sky its collaborative marketing partners who will lead the ROC2025 branding and launch campaign this year.

P1174060 RT RGB
01 . 16 . 20


Agency News

After 33 years at the helm of Dixon Schwabl, Chief Executive Officer Lauren Dixon and President Mike Schwabl will step down from their leadership roles on Dec. 31, 2020, completing a 15-year succession plan. They have proudly named Managing Partner of Communications Kim Allen as incoming CEO and Managing Partner of Account Services Jessica Savage as incoming president. 

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