12 local CEOs share their wisdom, coping skills via Rochester Business Journal

The Rochester Business Journal turned to a few CEOs, proven successful leaders, for their views on how businesses in the Rochester region are facing obstacles they have never had to overcome before.

Lauren Dixon, along with 10 other CEO’s in Greater Rochester, shared their wisdom learned through their own experiences in hopes of helping other businesses, large and small, to cope with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Read it all here. Here’s a sneak-peek of what Lauren had to say: 

The way to come out of this on stable footing is to take care of your most valuable assets — for us, it’s about our people and our clients. I told my team members I don’t care about making money during this time. I care about taking care of all of our Dixon Schwabl families and people we do business with. Our goal should be to break even and I’ll be dancing in the streets!” 

Thank you to our friends at the Rochester Business Journal for including us in this important story! 

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