Our experience with regional and national firms means we’ve accrued deep industry knowledge, consumer insights aplenty and a sure grasp of regulatory issues.

Should you bundle or not? Are customers more concerned about speed or price? Who are your ripest prospects? 

 We’ve  tackled  tough  questions  like  these  many  times. 

With more than 30 years of regional and national marketing and advertising experience with numerous telecom firms, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Based on customer insights and a deep understanding of the telecom industry, we focus on developing marketing strategies and communications to acquire and retain customers, especially those with the highest lifetime value. 

With our in-house traditional and digital media department, we also know when and where consumers are most receptive to any given message. Data-driven analytic tools allow us to measure and predict demand generation and sales across the market footprint. 

Then, by analyzing the results in real time, we continually refine the message and media mix to optimize marketing campaign performance. Finally, we’re well versed in the telecom regulatory and compliance environment. And when necessary, we have the experience and agility to turn on a dime, as markets require. 

In other words, we’re up to speed and ready to go. 

Vyve Bb Mu

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