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I did something incredibly exciting today. I put pen to paper and inked a lease to officially open a Dixon Schwabl office in Buffalo. This, of course, has huge implications for growing our business in the Buffalo-Niagara region. But for me—a boy from Eggertsville and a proud graduate of UB—this goes way beyond business strategy. This was an emotional moment where I felt that Queen City pride in a way that I’ve rarely experienced.

What is it that makes Buffalonians, young and old, take such pride in this city? Do you simply love Buffalo in the same way others across the country love their hometowns? Maybe. But just as we’ve experienced in the Rochester area over the past three decades, I think there’s so much more to it for true Buffalo lovers.

I know you feel it. It’s more than that satisfaction you get from convincing outsiders to try chicken wings or beef on weck for the first time. It’s more than the sense of rage you feel when defending our beloved Sabres or Bills to so-called fans of whatever team happens to be hot this week. It’s more than touting Buffalo’s rich history and contributions to those who only know us for blizzards. And, no matter how much you may say you hate snow, it’s more than the joy you take in telling your friends or relatives down south how much fun you had building a snowman or sledding or skating outdoors at Canalside.

It’s so much more than all of that. Because you, me and every true Buffalonian know the real truth about this city—it’s all about the people. The pride we feel when we talk about the story of Buffalo is the pride we feel in each other. We all have a story to tell. It’s our combined stories that are fueling Buffalo’s extraordinary renaissance. 

Love took me away from here when I got married to a wonderful woman (and business partner) from Canandaigua … and now my love for Buffalo has brought me home—with some very talented friends and great storytellers in tow. That’s why Dixon Schwabl exists—to help people and businesses succeed by sharing their stories. Every entrepreneur, every company, every non-profit organization has a story to tell. Our story is 30 years in the making and still being written every day. The next chapter? It’s set in my hometown. 

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So, what’s your story? Odds are, you don’t even realize how interesting and relatable it truly is because you’re busy living it. Trust us, the story of YOU—your product, your service, your team, your mission—has value and we take pride in learning it, knowing it, and sharing it.

Best of all, we’re fun to work with because we value culture, the people we work with and the people we work for. It’s helped us make the list of Best Places to Work in America for 13 straight years (No. 1 Small Company in 2008 and 2010), as well as being named the Best Place to Work in Marketing in 2017 by Fortune Magazine (just sayin’).

So what does that mean for our clients? It means working with happy, passionate people who do everything they can to make it happen for you. Combining that kind of passion with truly talented professionals helps write a new chapter in the Dixon Schwabl story every day. We just can’t wait to tell yours, Buffalo!

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Mike Schwabl is president of Dixon Schwabl, a Buffalo native and an avid supporter of a great narrative. His passion for telling a great story is only matched by his passion for listening to one. Contact him at mike_​schwabl@​dixonschwabl.​com.

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