The Lessons We Learned as Interns at DS

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As the summer and our client project wrap up, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our semester as Dixon Schwabl interns. With each of us taking on a different role—from PR to social media, account services to copywriting, studio to graphic design—we each had a different experience in the program. Known for our impressive male fashion choices (blazers, always), asking copious amounts of questions and playing some intense games of giant Jenga, here are the greatest lessons we learned as DS interns.

Click here or more on the work we did through our group project to support a Rochester-based non-profit. 


Disclaimer: I do not endorse the consumption of pure olive oil. 

On my second day at Dixon Schwabl, I was invited to tag along with Julianna for a media spot that Chef Fabio Viviani was doing at the Democrat & Chronicle. I was really nervous because this was my first off-site experience, and Fabio—being one of the most accomplished celebrity chefs of the last 20 years—only heightened my excitement. No pressure. As I tiptoed around the D&C set, trying not to be one of those disruptive interns, Fabio’s eyes locked onto me. After a few seconds of silence that felt like a thousand, he asked, Do you drink olive oil?!” Nervously, I chuckled and told him that I’d never tried this consumption method. He gave me a full rundown on how shots of olive oil can speed up your metabolic process and aid weight regulation. Why am I rambling about olive oil? 

Frankly, I’m not entirely sure myself. 

It’s just that olive oil is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about how fun my summer at Dixon Schwabl has been. I like this story because it reminds me to keep my ears open at all times. You never know what advice you might get on a daily basis at this office, but always keep an open mind to people’s unique perspectives. Even if it’s a tidbit as out of left field as drinking olive oil.


I’ve been trying to write something creative for this blog post. I’ve dabbled in short stories, poems and bulleted lists. Nothing feels right to explain my experience at Dixon Schwabl. I’ve tried to make it fun and professional like the culture at DS. I’ve attempted to be as creative as the agency. I’ve written about success and rejection, our nonprofit client and the amazing people, such as the (in?)famous Charles Benoit. Nothing fully explained this experience. All I know is that I will miss this place and its people. After all of this writing … lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


As a Meyers-Briggs-determined introvert, the idea of talking to strangers and networking can be daunting. With that being said, I will forever be grateful that I challenged myself to meet people from every corner of Dixon Schwabl. The invaluable personal and professional advice that the people at DS so generously and openly shared with me is something I will take with me far beyond this internship, and it taught me that everything is what you make it. Without challenging the extrovert in me to shine through, I would have missed out on getting to know the incredible people around me, as well as the wisdom they held.


Through the people at Dixon Schwabl, I was given the opportunity to grow and share my input while learning through real-world experiences. By having people trust me with important work, it allowed me to grow and trust the work that I was producing. Everyone has been nothing but welcoming and willing to help and answer all of my questions, work and life-related.


I was extremely excited to work at Dixon Schwabl because I wanted the experience of working in an agency environment. I never would have thought that I would be able to grasp so much knowledge that goes way beyond the scope of my internship. Being able to work directly with professionals in the field I will soon be in was more helpful than I even imagined.

This internship has not only given me an abundance of knowledge, but has allowed me to create connections with amazing people. 

I will always remember this internship and the people I have been able to work around during my time at Dixon Schwabl.


The biggest lesson I have learned from this internship is to never be timid or afraid to share your ideas. You have to be confident and outgoing while presenting your ideas and you will be so much more successful. If you are shy about your ideas, no one will listen to you. You have to be assertive, but modest. I will use this lesson throughout the rest of my career in advertising and design. I loved this internship and I will remember it forever.


When I started this internship, I wanted to learn as much as I could from the distinguished professionals working at Dixon Schwabl. I came out of this summer with so much knowledge about the agency, account services and the career I want to have.

What made this internship even more extraordinary was working with my intern team. Each intern this summer has both great talent and a desire to work hard at what they do, making our client project both easier and much more enjoyable. It was a privilege to work with each and every one of them.


My summer internship at Dixon Schwabl has allowed me to get firsthand exposure to the PR industry while working alongside the PR team. 

One of the most valuable things I am taking away from my time at DS is the intern team project, developing an integrated marketing campaign for our client, Harvest Cares. It was so rewarding to see all our different talents come together and create great material for our client. This internship and the opportunities it brought has me feeling motivated and extremely excited for what is to come in my future with PR

Clare Mannion interned at Dixon Schwabl in the social media/​content department in the summer of 2018. A strategic communications and digital media major at St. Bonaventure University with her sights set on a Master’s in integrated marketing communications, Clare has big plans to be a diversely trained marketing lifer.

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