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May 13, 2015

The other day, I used a bad word in a text message. A very bad word. I thought I was venting to my husband, but 10 minutes after I hit send, I realized that I dropped that very bad word on my daughter's kindergarten teacher. What a valuable lesson I learned ...
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May 6, 2015

With a global economy and changing industries, there are unprecedented numbers of employees representing different age ranges at work today. While there are labels for every group—The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers, as well as Generations X, Y and eventually even Z—it's truly a new era in the workplace with potential for multiple generations to be working side-by-side.
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April 29, 2015

"So you just, like, put the words on the ads. Right?" I get comments like this on a regular basis when talking to people outside of the advertising world. Granted, as a copywriter, I'm thankful it isn't more along the lines of "Copyrighter? You grant exclusive legal rights to original works of art?" Not quite. At the end of the day, yes, I put the words on the ads. But that's only half of my job.
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April 22, 2015

If you were a teenage girl in the late '80s and early '90s, you know a thing or two about big hair. As I reflect back on the hours I spent each day sculpting my own hair-tastic style, I see now that the process of building that mountainous lion's mane is similar to the process of being successful in today's public relations environment.
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April 20, 2015

Google will soon be rolling out a change to its mobile search algorithms to add mobile-friendliness as an important ranking factor. But if your company's website isn't mobile friendly, you could be at risk ...
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April 15, 2015

Do you have a passion for giving? Are you an emerging leader? Looking for a leadership role within your company?If the answer is yes, I want YOU to be part of the United Way Workplace Campaign with me! Let's be united and help our community through this year's United Way campaign. We are the next generation of leaders, so why wait? Let's jump right in!
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April 8, 2015

Imagine my surprise when our family was randomly selected to be part of the Nielsen Diary process for television ratings. How could this be? I negotiate and buy television across the country as part of my job!
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April 1, 2015

Hey … millennials! Are you up for a challenge?I'm thrilled to invite all millennials to join us in changing our world. I challenge you to take a leadership role within your company by running a United Way campaign.
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March 11, 2015

Something crazy happened to me the other day. It was amazing and new and fun. It made me laugh out loud and run into work to tell people about it.I saw colors.
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February 25, 2015

In the ad-campaign car, not only are you driving at night in a fog, you've got a dozen backseat drivers, a tractor-trailer riding your rear bumper and exactly 22 minutes to drive the 45 miles to get to where you're supposed to be. And when you finally come careening into your destination you better make sure that your passengers and all the people waiting at the other end love what they see...
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