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February 25, 2016

The only thing ​North Carolina State University and Keuka College had in common was their team name. That is, until NC State strong-armed Keuka into forfeiting its name under the pretense of protecting that brand ...
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February 10, 2016

We’ve all become so accustomed to a million distractions that our minds are now re-wired to look for distractions. And that’s why billboards are perfect.
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January 20, 2016

When put into perspective, business— like bowling— is simply a game.
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January 6, 2016

It's no secret that my husband, daughter and I are huge fans of The Avett Brothers, and a lot of people have asked me why. Instead of talking about their music, I always find myself talking about a few things they could teach us about branding.
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December 16, 2015

While making excuses and rationalizing missteps is not unique to the business world, it is evident that creating a workplace culture that empowers employees and adheres to core values can help avoid the propensity to “excuse” or bow out of responsibilities to improve the work environment.
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December 9, 2015

How to get in the right frame of mind to liberate your natural, creative genius.
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November 18, 2015

​How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Now think about how often you check your phone every hour. If you’re anything like me, you probably check it so frequently during the day that it’s impossible to count! And you’re not alone in your smartphone addiction.
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November 4, 2015

Have you ever been turned off after seeing the same actors playing different roles in different commercials? One minute, you’re admiring the young entrepreneur who used XYZ service to start his own dog-grooming business, and then two commercial breaks into your show he’s singing the praises of ABC shipping and how it helps him run his manufacturing company. So much for truth in advertising.
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October 30, 2015

​So, what has changed the most in video production over the past few decades? My answer is this: pretty much everything. Except for, of course, what’s most important.
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October 15, 2015

... And even after all this time, after all these life-altering moments of change, I feel exactly the same. Why? Because I’m what I like to call a “Change Chameleon.”
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