Internship Project Gives Chance to Shine as a Person and a Team

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The second day into my internship, I found myself on set of a client interview segment with the local ABC affiliate, WHAM. This was me jumping head-first into the internship. I quickly realized it’s never going to be boring and I better keep my notebook out because I’ll be learning so much. 

Working as the public relations intern at Dixon Schwabl this summer gave me a range of opportunity to have that OK, yep. This career path is definitely for me!” moment. What I loved about my internship experience at Dixon Schwabl is that the staff is inclusive and allows the interns to participate in real work scenarios, things you just can’t simply experience in the classroom.

A pivotal opportunity we, the team of interns, have is creating an integrated marketing campaign for our own client, Harvest Cares, a local nonprofit that uses lacrosse as a teaching mechanism for helping student-athletes within the city of Rochester. As the team of interns, we worked in tandem, providing materials to help build the organization’s brand. Altogether, there were eight of us, each specializing in a specific department of the agency. We had Jack and Maddy in account services, Clare in social media content, Eric in studio production, Hannah in digital design, Cole in copywriting and, last but not least, Chris and I were in public relations. Working on this project together gave us the exposure to the challenging yet creative and rewarding pleasure of working for a client. Not only did this project allow us to hone our individual skills, it showed us what life at the agency is like and how important teamwork is.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with and getting to know my intern peers through this project. We all come from different schools with different skill sets, yet we have the same work ethic, motivation and drive. Through working with my peers, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the importance of all the departments at DS. Each one plays a vital role in creating magic for the client, and it has been awesome seeing it all come together. 

We presented our project to Harvest Cares and the rest of the agency during the final week of our internship. After a solid two months of hard work, it gave us all a new wave of confidence and determination as we set off into our careers very soon. We experienced firsthand the development of a marketing strategy and how cool it is that it’s going to be used in real life (we’re used to fake scenarios in school). Talking with our team afterward, we all agreed that this opportunity completely solidified our decision of going into this field.

Not only did we get our own client work and to be a part of specific department projects, we also had the opportunity to attend a once-a-week class through Dixon Schwabl University. Presented by agency pros from each department, these sessions allowed us to learn about the day-to-day in their field, what they did to get there and any advice they have for us. Through opportunities like these, the Dixon Schwabl internship program is set up to provide students the chance to test the waters of their major and use the skills they’ve learned in school.

And just like that, it’s a wrap on our intern experience with DS, but we all leave with exhilarating attitudes, eager and prepared to take on the thrilling real world” as it comes. As we continue to grow and build on the rest of our college careers, our Harvest Cares project will be an integral part of our story.

Mary Fran Hansen interned for Dixon Schwabl in the summer of 2018. A senior at Lasell College, Hansen has a new re-found love for the city of Rochester. Going to school in Boston for now almost four years, her hometown of Rochester proved to be just as fun this summer.

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