<![CDATA[Dixon Schwabl | The Slide]]> http://dixonschwabl.com/ Dixon Schwabl blog en Copyright 2018 2018-08-15T12:50:09-04:00 <![CDATA[Breaking Barriers for Untapped Talent]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-need-for-diversity https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/the-need-for-diversity 08 . 09 . 18 – ,

Finding a creative job in advertising isn’t easy. And for talented people of color, it’s even more challenging. The time is beyond overdue to open the door—even wider if necessary—for those who’ve been unconsidered and overlooked for way too long. 

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<![CDATA[Why Weird Wins for You and Your Brand]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/why-weird-wins-for-you-and-your-brand https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/why-weird-wins-for-you-and-your-brand 07 . 20 . 18 – ,

We often fall into the trap of tackling creative problems in the most boring and expected ways. The results are just as boring and expected. So how do you tap into your weird and approach your creative work (and maybe your life) from a fresh perspective?

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<![CDATA[Full Circle: A True Buffalo Love Story]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/true-buffalo-ny-love-story https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/true-buffalo-ny-love-story 07 . 09 . 18 – ,

Buffalo, NY, is a city of stories. And Mike Schwabl—the president of Dixon Schwabl—is one of them. Born and raised in the Queen City, he spent years helping build a successful business in nearby Rochester. Now? He’s headed back home to the 716.

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<![CDATA[Four Marketing Truths That Would’ve Made “Westworld” a Better TV Show]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/four-marketing-truths-that-wouldve-made-westworld-a-better-tv-show https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/four-marketing-truths-that-wouldve-made-westworld-a-better-tv-show 07 . 03 . 18 – ,

I’ve got some old trusty marketing truths that could’ve helped show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy make HBO’s Westworld” better.

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<![CDATA[How Much Does a Website Cost?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/how-much-does-a-website-cost https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/how-much-does-a-website-cost 06 . 06 . 18 – ,

There are so many options and different ways to tackle this that I could give back an infinite number of prices. The more valuable question to ask at the beginning is, What do you need the website to do for you?” If you can’t answer that, you’re far more likely to either over or underspend.

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<![CDATA[A Website is More than a Website]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/a-website-is-more-than-a-website https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/a-website-is-more-than-a-website 03 . 16 . 18 – ,

Let’s take a second to look at eight things that go into a successful, viable website after 30 years of perfecting the craft.

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<![CDATA[Even Celebs Need Media Training]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/even-celebs-need-media-training https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/even-celebs-need-media-training 02 . 02 . 18 – ,

A little prep can prevent a lot of cringe-worthy interview gaffes, even if you live in the limelight. 

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<![CDATA[How Much is Facebook's News Feed Actually Changing?]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/how-much-is-facebooks-news-feed-actually-changing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/how-much-is-facebooks-news-feed-actually-changing 01 . 17 . 18 – ,

While the rules may change, solid storytelling still wins the day.

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<![CDATA[Time to Look Back on the Bills' Drought and Smile]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/time-to-look-back-on-the-bills-drought-and-smile https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/time-to-look-back-on-the-bills-drought-and-smile 01 . 05 . 18 – Justin Dusett

In 1999, the word Miracle” became synonymous with Disaster” as the Buffalo Bills’ playoff drought officially began in heartbreak. Now that that’s over, we can all look back and smile.

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<![CDATA[Leveraging Growth from Your Seat at the Table]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/leveraging-growth-from-your-seat-at-the-table-and-other-buzzwords https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/leveraging-growth-from-your-seat-at-the-table-and-other-buzzwords 12 . 20 . 17 – ,

Spoiler Alert: This article relies heavily on buzzwords.

Seat At The Table
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<![CDATA[Pitch? Please. Get Smart with PR in 2018]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/pitch-please-get-smart-with-pr-in-2018 https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/pitch-please-get-smart-with-pr-in-2018 12 . 14 . 17 – ,

For better ROI, get off your mass media hunt and get targeted.

Check That Out
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<![CDATA[10 Brands That Crush the 404 Error Page Game]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/10-brands-that-crush-the-404-error-page-game https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/10-brands-that-crush-the-404-error-page-game 11 . 07 . 17 – ,

When the little details matter to a brand, the brand starts to matter to the consumer. Even when it comes to 404 Error pages. Most brands want to limit the presence of a mistake, but these 10 brands embraced 404 Errors as just another path to customer loyalty. 

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<![CDATA[What You Need to Know About Netflix & Nielsen]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-netflix-nielsen https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-netflix-nielsen 10 . 26 . 17 – ,

Nielsen — the standard in TV ratings — announced they’ll be able to monitor viewer data from Netflix subscribers, which was previously held close to the vest. The unexpected move brings with it a possible ripple effect across the programmatic landscape. 

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<![CDATA[Let the Customer Decide Which Marketing is Best with A/B Testing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/let-the-customer-decide-which-marketing-is-best-with-a-b-testing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/let-the-customer-decide-which-marketing-is-best-with-a-b-testing 09 . 25 . 17 – ,

It’s impossible for a marketer to understand the nuances of every segment of every target market for a wide range of products. Consumer preferences can change based on demographics, location, age and myriad other factors. Lack of understanding in a specific market forces us to make gut decisions” based on our personal experiences and allowing our own bias to interfere with the marketing message. 

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<![CDATA[Analytics: Not Just for Geeks Anymore]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/analytics-not-just-for-geeks-anymore https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/analytics-not-just-for-geeks-anymore 09 . 05 . 17 – ,

You don’t have to be a geek … to make marketing analytics work for you.

Analytics Martech
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<![CDATA[7 Web Design Trends We Love (Plus a Few We Hate)]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/7-web-design-trends-we-love-plus-a-few-we-hate https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/7-web-design-trends-we-love-plus-a-few-we-hate 09 . 05 . 17 – ,

Here are seven web design trends we love, plus a few we could do without.

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<![CDATA[30 Years of Making it Happen]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/30-years-of-making-it-happen https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/30-years-of-making-it-happen 08 . 24 . 17 – ,

Dixon Schwabl is celebrating 30 years of successfully serving clients across the USA. Wow.

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<![CDATA[The Proof is in the Proofing]]>https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/proofing https://dixonschwabl.com/blog/proofing 07 . 20 . 17 – ,

Recent protests at The New York Times reinforce the value copy editors bring to the final product—whether it’s for The Gray Lady or an agency client.

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