December 5, 2013

Not long ago, the word world spun into a frenzy when someone discovered that several dictionaries had added a second definition for the word literally. Now, instead of meaning “actually," it also means "Just kidding, not really." For the better part of a week, those who love grammar—and those who just love a good debate—declared that this was the nail in the coffin.
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November 5, 2013

I recently came across Pew Research Center's News IQ Test, which assesses your news knowledge in a short 13-question quiz to see if you know more about the news than the average American. After taking this quiz and viewing the results of other news-informed Americans, I was troubled to see that 17% get no news daily.
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September 5, 2013

After winning the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club, Jason Dufner was asked in his press conference what he thought about the Internet sensation known as #Dufnering. Recognizing that the social banter was poking fun at him, Dufner eventually realized it was a blessing in disguise.
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August 8, 2013

Typically, when I think of B2B marketing on the web, my thoughts go to a white page with rows and rows of bullet points detailing product features. Often times, the design of a B2B website caters to the audience that wants to compare specs and prices from company to company. That's why, for me, a website like really stands out.
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July 31, 2013

Ah, summer! The time of the year when back-to-school ad campaigns get finalized, meetings are held at picnic tables and the ice supply in the fridge is gone by 10am.It's also the perfect time for yet another meaningless, agency-wide debate!
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July 11, 2013

I love to look at ads, especially ones that play into strong stereotypical roles like this one, but Tide and Downy's recent commercial caught my eye for other reasons. The commercial features a father and daughter duo in which dad is in charge of keeping his daughter's princess dress clean.The commercial got me thinking, how much have stereotypical family roles actually changed?
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July 10, 2013

Copy editors are a finicky bunch. We like our rules, we're usually pretty literal—and we have some surprisingly strong opinions about the parts of grammar we love and don't love. (Yes, it's possible to love a specific part of grammar. Or two.)
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July 2, 2013

As a designer, the advertising world revolves around you, and rightly so. It's your design that's seen, read and cherished by the populous—all the other steps in the process take a backseat to the design, to you, with your impeccable taste and indisputable excellence.
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June 25, 2013

I find exploring is a craving that needs to be fulfilled constantly, but with a crazy daily schedule and other day-to-day commitments, it makes it hard to physically explore the world around us. The best cure for when you are looking to satisfy that craving is StumbleUpon.
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June 20, 2013

Community is one of Dixon Schwabl's core values. So each year, we all have the opportunity to spend a day out of the office volunteering. This year, I used my “Make it Happen" day to attend Foodlink's annual Community Food Conference. I volunteer with Foodlink's BackPack program, which discreetly sends thousands of kids home with a bag of nutritious, easy-to-prepare food to eat over the weekend.
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