10 Years, 4 Important Causes

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10 years ago, we were helping a friend and colleague manage her job while she was fighting cancer. We were dividing and conquering her work while she underwent her treatment. We were busy making plans for team coverage while she was undergoing chemo. It hardly seems possible so much time has transpired since. 

When Jane passed away in September 2009, she asked her Dixon Schwabl family not to forget her. It was a big worry burning in her mind. But she didn’t need to fret, for she was unforgettable. 

We assured her we’d make sure others understood the indelible mark she left on this earth.

Among other activities, we started the Jaz Janie Open, a nine-hole golf tournament to honor her legacy in public relations by raising money for an endowed scholarship in her name at SUNY Geneseo.

Time marches on, and now we find ourselves ready to commemorate a full decade since Jane left us. The Jaz Janie golf tournament has grown into the DS Open, where we honor our friend’s memory while also celebrating with our family—clients, partners and colleagues.

The years have brought more colleagues into our Dixon Schwabl family and more people to love and honor with this unique event. In the past year alone, three of our colleagues and their families have endured the unthinkable. And in unthinkable times, we do what only family can. We bind ourselves together and create a forcefield of love, support and encouragement for our kin.

On Monday, September 16, we’ll adjust the focus of the DS Open. The format will remain the same, but the funds raised will go toward three additional causes close to the Dixon Schwabl family. We have no doubt Jane would have wanted it that way.

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Sarah’s Hope was established in memory of Sarah Lynn Jones, a cherished DS colleague who passed away in 2018 at age 30. Just as Sarah did, the Sarah’s Hope fund seeks to address educational and community needs and make the world a better place.

Wyatt Monacelli is a brave 5-year-old fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. (His mother, Julianna, is head of consumer public relations here at DS.) In honor of Wyatt, funds raised at the DS Open will go to Golisano Children’s Hospital, whose mission is to do everything possible to help children reach their full potential.

Our DS colleague Lynne Tempest is a recent breast cancer survivor. In her name, the tourney also contributes to Pluta Cancer Center Foundation. The foundation supports Pluta Cancer Center by providing funds to relieve the financial burdens faced by many cancer patients and their families, expand and enhance integrative oncology services, and aid the professional development of caregivers at the front lines of patient care.

We’ll play, we’ll laugh, we’ll enjoy libations, and we’ll offer whatever resource we can to help these folks—our families—fight through these challenges. We won’t forget Jane, and we won’t forget our other family members in need.

If you’d like to play in this year’s edition of the DS Open, we’d love to have you!

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