Laughter from toilet paper & brisket


While traveling to see my sister last weekend in Ohio, my mother had us stop at our usual Columbus hot spots: Easton Town Center, Jeni’s and Trader Joe’s. The latter, mostly, because she’s been infatuated with their “Two Buck Chuck” wines since, well, they were actually two dollars a bottle. (Now they’re $3.49.)

Go green. Go goats!

Sometimes going green doesn’t involve a high tech breakthrough. Sometimes it’s about using existing technology in a new way. Sometimes, it involves goats. I saw this business while browsing the GOOD blogs and I thought it was amazing “step backwards”…
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Have you ever had a great idea for a pumpkin carving, only to have less-than-great results? Ever been frustrated with the lack of detail you get with traditional pumpkin carving? Well it’s time to set down that heavy bag of…
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