The Value of Design

By , Creative

Think about your day so far. You most likely woke up in your comfy bed, sprung into action with your morning routine that included brushing your teeth, taking a shower, selecting the perfect look for your day, and all the grooming and primping your schedule could accommodate. Did you eat breakfast at home or grab something on your way to work? What’s your commute like? Car? Bus? Do you take to the street on foot? (With the proper footwear, of course.)

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Been there, done that. And doing it again!

By , Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Our first “meeting” took place back in 2002, and it was truly one of the most impressive and satisfying encounters of my life. People had told me what it would be like and how impressed I’d be, but it went way beyond my expectations. I knew the time we had spent together would stay with me the rest of my life.

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Tax Day – By the Numbers

By , Research

It’s that time again!

Taxes are due April 15 and if you haven’t filed them yet, chances are you’re not alone. In fact, according to Fox Business, 28% of people file their taxes in April. So whether you want to impress your tax professional or need a break from combing through your tax paperwork, here are a few statistics to get you through.

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Know Your Audience—Then Buy Them All Egg McMuffins


You know the scene.* A slightly upmarket café, metropolitan types sip pricey coffee while in earnest discussion over their laptops. One of them is me. Then along comes an interruption. Here’s what followed:

Lady: Can you spare some change, please? [Instead of fumbling for small change, I surprised myself by asking a question.]
Me: Would you like me to buy you something to eat?
Lady: Yes, please.
Me: What would you like? [I gesture at the array of fine pastries.]
Lady: Can I have an Egg McMuffin? [She points at the McDonald’s next door.]
Me: Of course you can. [And at this point, I am actually walking away from the new-business meeting I was having. Yes, I leave the meeting to go to McDonald’s.]
Me: An Egg McMuffin, are you sure that’s what you want?
Lady: Can I have two?
Me: OK.
Lady: …and a sausage roll?
Me: Why don’t I just give you this? [I give her a five-dollar bill.]
Lady: Thanks mister, you’re a diamond.

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