QR Code Grocery Shopping?? OYY!


I am a bit conservative by nature, and every now and then it takes me awhile to adapt to new technologies. I remember the idea of a Kindle totally freaked me out, no more books? I have since come to terms with the idea of an electronic book.

I recently saw an article about a new virtual store in Korea that absolutely freaked me out.

Basically, there are still aisles and shelves stocked with what can be described as a wallpaper of products. Each product has its own QR code and all you have to do to shop is capture the QR code on your smartphone. The products are then delivered to your home.

This whole concept is wild to me! Born and raised in Rochester, to me, Wegmans is like a religion. I cannot wrap my head around the idea of walking into a Weggies in the future, bypassing the shopping carts and entering armed only with my smartphone. Stroll down the meat and produce aisles and simply scan? How would I know how ripe the fruit is? How green the lettuce is? How lean the meat is?

In the U.S. it seems the trend is to make grocery shopping a true “experience.”  Companies such as ShopRite, Whole Foods and Wegmans are expanding the shopping experience. Many ShopRites have a Dunkin’ Donuts in the store. Shoppers can grab an iced coffee and energize for their power shop. Whole Foods revamped some of its stores and created a “Disney World for food junkies.” With “Street Greens,” where you sit down in the produce section, have a freshly made salad and enjoy a glass of wine, or “Whole Body” where there are healthy body products and a massage therapist on hand to work out your kinks! As for Wegmans, in some states they now have a pub inside the store!

So what is going to be the new trend—electronic or “experience” shopping? If it was up to me…I always want my grocery shopping to be an “experience.”

(Plus a glass of wine before a shop is very enticing! Cheers!!)