Strategy is Key!


Did you know Betsy Mitchell is responsible for strategic planning and development for the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers? Sure, having quarterback Aaron Rodgers helps – but the Packers are also the champs because they have an overall plan and vision.

On the most recent Eyes On The Future radio show on 1180 WHAM, Sherri McArdle, CO-CEO of McArdle Ramerman and Co., and Lauren Dixon, CEO of Dixon Schwabl, talked about how developing a strategic plan is vital to an organization’s success.

While many companies develop strategic plans, many of those plans collect dust – just sitting in a desk drawer. That’s definitely not the case at Dixon Schwabl and McArdle Ramerman and Co. though. How do you keep the plan fresh? Give one of the show segments a listen! Eyes On The Future_Keep Strategy Fresh

Lauren Dixon said strategy is the single best investment Dixon Schwabl has ever made. Here are some key tips Lauren and Sherri shared on the show:

1. A strategic plan provides your organization with a laser focus of its top priorities.

2. The plan needs to be effectively communicated to the organization and acted on quickly.

3. Everyone must be engaged in the process so they know what strategy means to them.

4. Celebrate the successes of your plan coming to life and have fun with it!

5. Strategic plans should be regularly refreshed (at least once per year) and updated on a larger scale approximately every three years.

As Lauren said during the show, the key is to “communicate, communicate, and communicate some more.”

To check out the entire show, head to the Eyes On The Future podcast page.