In the Year…2010!

We are only two months and a couple days away from 2010 and I thought now would be a good time to look back and see if the things people talked about happening in 2010 are any closer to reality.  I figured I would take a few that I remember and see where we are.

When I was a kid people said we would have flying cars ala the “Jetsons” cartoon.  Don’t think I have seen any unless you count the time my daughter drove through the garage door.

I heard so much about space travel and tickets to the moon.  Let’s see, you need to be a millionaire to get a ticket for space travel and who wants to go there now?  Didn’t we just blow up the moon a few weeks ago?

There would be a videophone in every house!  Today there are hardly any phones in the house unless they are cellular.  But then again with cameras on those phones, I guess we can do all sorts of cool stuff, but I am not sure I want to see everyone I am talking to, pending where they are when I am talking to them!

And what about computer chips in our bodies that will carry all our vital information?  We have them for dogs and some are even suggesting we implant them in our children in case of abduction.  Well, I know everything there is to know about me, and trust me when I say I don’t want a computer chip inside me telling me about myself.  I already have enough voices in my head!

How about all those aliens we were going to meet from other worlds?  The only aliens I have met in my life time are those who for some reason are passionate about the New York Yankees or the Mets-and that is completely alien to me!

Food?  Ok, we got microwaves and we got microwavable food.  But I am still looking for that thing from Star Trek that just makes it up immediately bypassing the farm, the grocery store and the oven.  Just look at it and say “computer, surf and turf.”  I mean, where is that technology when you want it?  I said that to my wife the other day—she threw a glass of water at me and told me to go outside and cut the grass.

Ok, so I guess that over the years we have not advanced the way people thought we would.  Then again, we have advanced in many ways that I am sure would shock our ancestors.  Face it, I am sure they never dreamed of some far off future where people can “tweet” like birds or go to a room that doesn’t exist and “chat” with people who are not there either.  Ah, the future, you gotta love it!


  • Rachael Anderson

    watch the yankees comments!