Tax Day – By the Numbers

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It’s that time again!

Taxes are due April 15 and if you haven’t filed them yet, chances are you’re not alone. In fact, according to Fox Business, 28% of people file their taxes in April. So whether you want to impress your tax professional or need a break from combing through your tax paperwork, here are a few statistics to get you through.

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Know Your Audience—Then Buy Them All Egg McMuffins


You know the scene.* A slightly upmarket café, metropolitan types sip pricey coffee while in earnest discussion over their laptops. One of them is me. Then along comes an interruption. Here’s what followed:

Lady: Can you spare some change, please? [Instead of fumbling for small change, I surprised myself by asking a question.]
Me: Would you like me to buy you something to eat?
Lady: Yes, please.
Me: What would you like? [I gesture at the array of fine pastries.]
Lady: Can I have an Egg McMuffin? [She points at the McDonald’s next door.]
Me: Of course you can. [And at this point, I am actually walking away from the new-business meeting I was having. Yes, I leave the meeting to go to McDonald’s.]
Me: An Egg McMuffin, are you sure that’s what you want?
Lady: Can I have two?
Me: OK.
Lady: …and a sausage roll?
Me: Why don’t I just give you this? [I give her a five-dollar bill.]
Lady: Thanks mister, you’re a diamond.

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Before You Buy: Turn It Inside Out

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I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a sucker for cool packaging. If it’s a legacy brand of gum that’s delivered in a piece of cardboard folded like an envelope, I’m in. Or a new twist on an old activity—like the new indoor trampoline centers that house 100 simple, old-school trampolines but add a foam pit, a few basketball hoops and fitness classes. Color me sold! A hair product I’m accustomed to using recently lost out to a competitive product because of a cobalt blue, octagon-shaped, short, squatty bottle.

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