We’d rather be talking about you.

Because the only reason we’re here is to help you succeed. Oh, and have some fun along the way.

The big, big picture.

We realize some say that’s crazy talk. But think about it. Don’t people who enjoy their work, who they work with and where they work, almost always create better work?

Great people deserve a great place to work

Culture matters. And we’ve worked hard to create one that’s positive and fulfilling. In 2014, we were ranked #5 on Advertising Age’s list as a Top 40 Place to Work. Inc. magazine ranked Dixon Schwabl in 2010 as one of the Top 20 Small Company Workplaces in America. And for 10 years running, the agency has been included on the Great Place to Work® list of the Top Small Workplaces in America.

It’s better to give, indeed.

Here at the community we call Dixon Schwabl, we like to roll up our sleeves and help out our local community. For instance, employees are given time off every year to volunteer for the cause that means the most to them. Charitable giving is simply the right thing to do. We’ve discovered that it strengthens not only the community, but also our employees and culture.

Our people sure are a giving bunch. Just look at some of the many ways they give back to our community.

Ideas, glorious ideas. They come from nothing, yet they can change everything.

Many firms talk a good game about integration. Here, it’s in our marrow, synapses and HTML code.

We offer a truly comprehensive suite of services. All under one roof. And we all play well together. So it’s never about turf. It’s about what’s best for you and your situation, with whatever combination of teams makes the most sense. And the best way to figure that out is to get together and talk.

Account Service & Strategic Planning

Account service can devise strategy from 30,000 feet and, in a single bound, come back to ground level to manage projects on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis. Happily, our account executives only use their superpowers for good.

Creative Services

Our inspired team of art directors and copywriters is well versed in the art of creating smart, arresting messages that connect with target audiences. In other words, our humans know how to speak human to other humans.

PR & Content Marketing

Extra! Extra! Outside NYC, DS houses the largest PR department of any full-service agency in the state. More than 15 PR practitioners offer our 100+ clients a broad range of strategic PR services, including media relations, content marketing, crisis communications, issues management, public affairs and community relations.


Until we can read minds (and we hope that day never comes), it’s vital to take the time and effort to understand customer hearts, minds and behaviors. To do so, our in-house team uses a wide range of qualitative and quantitative tools.

Media Planning & Buying

Our recommendation: Your Ad Here. In 2013, our media team placed $13+ million in local, regional and national markets. Our interactive expertise has consistently delivered better-than-industry-standard results.

Social Media

What’s a “Like” worth anyway? You may not know how to get actively involved in online conversations. Our experience with this fascinating new media platform can help you extend your reach while delivering on your brand promise.

Website Development

Our designers and developers work together toward one primary goal: creating optimal user experiences. Anything less is unworthy of our clients’ brands (and our standards). That applies equally to mobile platforms.

Broadcast Production

Our in-house studio and team of producers, editors, graphic artists and animators gives you the access, efficiency and creativity to produce compelling communications—without breaking the bank. And … action!

Email & Mobile Marketing

We hate spam, too. Our email campaigns yield superior open and click-through rates. As the third screen accounts for a growing portion of Web traffic, we’ve integrated mobile marketing into more and more successful campaigns.

Special Events

Some people sure know how to throw a party. We’ve been planning, designing and executing special events for more than 28 years. They include fundraisers, galas, grand openings, celebrity appearances, golf tournaments and more.

Successful marketing campaigns require plenty of creativity. (BTW, our supply is delivered fresh every morning.) But you also have to know what you’re doing. And that takes experience. As it happens, our experience is varied and vast.

We’ve worked with big, established brands, as well as small start-ups, from high tech to community service. Our experience lets us efficiently utilize whatever tactic is most relevant and effective for the challenge at hand: events, naming and brand ID, broadcast, brand strategy, social media, public relations, long-form videos, email blasts, print ads, websites, laser tattoos, town criers, matchbooks, holograms, subdural microchip implants, sandwich boards … whatever it takes.

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet our ladies and gentlemen.

What’s our secret? Remarkable brains. Attached to big hearts.

Our managing partners


We’ve been honored to work with hundreds of firms, from big, established brands to small start-ups, from high tech to community service.

Loving living here.

We not only work in Rochester, we love the place. There, we said it. Granted, love is rarely rational, but let’s review a handful of reasons behind the love: Short commutes. Affordable home prices and a low cost of living. Excellent public schools and top-notch universities and colleges, including the renowned Eastman School of Music. Four distinct seasons—gotta love that. Minutes to Lake Ontario and about an hour to the heavenly Finger Lakes and wineries galore. The annual Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival and the acclaimed Strong Museum of Play. No wonder so many call the area a hidden gem. (So much for that secret.) In short, the area offers plenty of metropolitan amenities, without big-city hassles. BTW—we’re nowhere near NYC. Yet we have plenty of staff who’ve worked at big-city, big-name agencies, but they chose to live and work here. Yes, life is good.